Phi Sig

Welcome to Phi Sigma Kappa at Florida State. Located near the heart of campus on Call Street, we set the standard of what it means to be a gentleman and a Seminole. Our Fraternity is based on the Cardinal Principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character, and it is through our dedication and integrity that we live DAMN PROUD!



Our Chapter

To be a Phi Sig means to excel in all aspects of life. From academics to sports our brothers are distinguished througout campus and it doesn't stop there. Our social calendar, philanthropic involvement, and community service all contribute to the excellence of Our Chapter.


Be a Leader

More than half the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa are campus leaders, participating as officers for clubs or by taking a part in student government. Whether you want to become involved in a sports team, club, or make a difference while your at FSU Greek Life and Phi Sig is the best place to start.